Let’s fight prostate cancer together
Mikko Lavanti Istanbul, Turkki Pelasta miehet

Let’s fight prostate cancer together

My prostate cancer was diagnosed during 2020 spring time. Luckily it was found early and operation was done in June 2020 in Finland. While I am still in the recovery process I’m positive about the chance for full recovery. I decided to be transparent about the cancer. One of the topics that I have learned is that men don’t talk enough about prostate cancer. This might lead to delays in the diagnosis. The simple blood test might be ignored too long and problems grow bigger because of this. So I hope all my friends take my cancer as a motivation to take the test regularly! I have also learned that talking about prostate cancer has helped me personally to recover. And hopefully encourage other people also to speak up. I feel thankful and I would like to also collect some money to fight this most common male cancer together with friends around the world. Small donation will go to the Cancer research work in my home country Finland. Thank you in advance! Contact me if you want to talk more! UPDATE! Thank you for helping to reach the original target of 2000€ in just one day!!!! I underestimated the willingness and ability to help! I raised the bar by doubling it! Let’s try to reach this jointly! I was reading more about the research done for prostate cancer in Finland and it is all very helpful for improved global results!

Amount Raised:
Target: 4,000 €
7/8/2020 9/30/2020



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Let’s fight prostate cancer together
Mikko Lavanti
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